Thursday, 28 April 2016

The excitement has gone - 1) Taboo

I was reading a post recently by a very experienced sub who is into bondage and posts some excellent photographs. What was particularly interesting was that she desribed how the thrill had gone.

The first reason she gave was related to taboo. So much had now become mainstream. Bondage was now commonplace and no longer a very special acquired taste. If it is now ok in mainstream books, cinema and TV then where is the thrill? That very special experience of it being somehow edgy, out of the normal, almost extreme and certainly on the edge of her comfort zone. She bemoaned the fact that now bondage had become almost mainstream, while she still got pleasure from it, that specialness of it being taboo and edgy had gone forever.

I wonder if other readers have this feeling. Do you like what you are doing to be slightly forbidden, not the kind of thing that most people would do, something that society might frown upon? Is it boring if it is mainstream?


Jz said...

I can't say that I feel that way... I think there's certainly a bit of additional thrill when something is forbidden, but I'm not so hooked on the naughty that I cannot enjoy the sensation.
But I'm also not someone who thrills at defying convention, so I'm probably not the best person to ask. :-)

Pygar said...

Thanks Jz. Lovely to hear from you.


I tend to feel rather like you but I do know for some that the forbidden or naughty element certainly gives them a thrill.

Perhaps doing something that is "forbidden", "naughty" or "taboo" is a fetish in itself!

Then again, defying convention is a strong thing to do. Perhaps doing something forbidden is a way for some of displaying their strength?

I hope all is good with you

P xx

Vincent Shroyer said...

For me there does not need to an edge to it. I find that with or without that edge it allows me to express a part of me that needs to free.

Pygar said...

Thank you Fenris Lycaous. Like you I do not feel a need for play to be edgy for me to be fulfilled. I suppose I was exploring though the notion that I think many subs have that edginess brings them a special thrill. That may also be the case for some dominants though I would have a possible concern about safety in such cases.

Thanks again


Anonymous said...

This is my first time giving my opinion on this blog, i used to have the same mind set in my early days, it was originaly to give myself the thrill to go against the 'norm'and to test my own limits, however now that i know what i desaire and what i don't the want to indulge myself in such acts considered taboo now hold no meaning, to me it is just as you said that doing such things could be considered a fetish of its own and we all dabble to see if it appels to us or not.
Even people within the vanilla World could be considered apart of this fetish as having sex in p├║blic places or walking around with a butplug are not nessaserily BDSM related but are still seen as taboo or nughty by many people, but that is just my opinion

Pygar said...

Welcome Anonymous and thank you for your interesting take on this. I hope it isn't the last time you comment. Yes, I think you are right that there is a thin line between what we may think of as bdsm and the other activities you describe that are also considered taboo.

Thanks for the comment

P xx