Thursday, 25 May 2017

severe spankings and beatings

How severe a spanking or beating can you take if you are a sub?

It will depend of course on the type of spanking being administered. An erotic spanking may not work if it is too hard, a maintenance spanking may be harder and a punishment spanking harder still. There may be lots of other factors that come into play. For instance the time of day, the time of the month, attitude, build up, environment, trust in or love for the spanker.

There are some who find that from regular beatings their bottom no longer marks as easily. They may crave being marked and desire ever harder beatings to create those marks. Though I have another friend who used to love a severe spanking. However since a change in relationship she has not been spanked as often and finds that her pain threshold has reduced.

There is a very interesting long post about spanking and pain tolerance by Ros here that readers may be interested in.

What is the hardest beating you have received? Would you like to repeat it? Do you gain satisfaction in pushing yourself further in receiving harder spankings?

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Pygar said...

I came across this interesting question on Fetlife this morning...
"Does any Domme ever feel sad or regret after giving severe punishments for their subs?

Im just curious, that most dommes are strict and are into punishing their subs so hard sometimes. But I feel like deep down their heart, they kinda feel bad for what they did. It's just my imagination, and I'm not saying all the dommes are the same.
Well let me know your views on it."