Friday, 9 June 2017

"un art de vivre"?

I came across this comment on Twitter today,

"BDSM… Un art de vivre, pas un hobby."

Roughly translated - "BDSM... A lifestyle not a hobby."

Is MonsieurF right? Must BDSM be a lifestyle rather than a hobby or can it be either or even something in-between?


Pygar said...

There is a brief exchange on Twitter about it here:


Lea said...

I think it can be anything one wants it to be. Some people are more focused than others; some have more of a need.

For me, I think it works better for us, and I feel better about it when it is a lifestyle. When things go to the wayside and it feels more like a hobby, I find myself unhappy.

But, there are those that dabble and that is fine too!

Pygar said...

Thank you Lea.

I am pleased you have found a way that works for you and built that relationship. Like you I think there is no reason to be prescriptive about this - it is OK for people to involve themselves in the way that works best for them. We are all different.

Good luck

P xx