Friday, 3 November 2017

keeping on keeping on...

I recently received some very kind and complimentary words about this blog from a commenter here.

They concluded, "Thank you, Pygar, for writing such thoughtful posts and creating a great space on the web for us to ponder these issues."

The post helped motivate me to continue writing the blog. It is difficult sometimes finding the time in a busy life. The popularity of the blog has varied over the years and has lost a considerable number of regular readers since my year's hiatus while I was in China. There is also the problem of coming up with new, relevant and interesting topics for discussion after so many years.

However it is always good to be reminded how many people over the years have found the blog interesting and helpful. I know people's lives have been changed by it. I know too that the strength of it is in the discussion and contributions by those who join in by commenting.

So I will try to keep writing. Let's keep discussing "the ethical questions that D/s and BDSM bring up". Please help me by adding the occasional comment and even suggesting topics that you would like to be discussed.

Thank you to all my readers.


willie said...

I look forward to future posts/discussions here!

Jz said...

Inspiration does ebb and flow but I hope you do keep writing here.
Not only because I like you but also, we need to hear more from the articulate upper-case side of the slash, not less!

Pygar said...

Thank you Wilma and Jz. Though it took me a few moments to work out what you meant, Jz, by "the articulate upper-case side of the slash"!

P xxxx

DM said...

Pygar, you were instrumental in leading me to see the abusive nightmare my life had become and a gentle light on the difference between consensual and abuse. You are always a friend...and gentleman. You would be greatly missed if you disappeared 😘

Pygar said...

Thank you Dani.

I am very pleased that life has made a turn and that things are working out so well for you now. Good luck.

P xxxx

little monkey said...

Jz said it uvery well, but I will reiterate. Please continue to write here. There are so few matre and articulate Dominant writers out there. I rarely comment anymore, feeling I have little to add, but I read you religiously.

little monkey said...

Mature, geez. Another reason I rarely comment, my tendency to hit the enter key too quickly. :)

Pygar said...

Thank you little monkey - and your comments are always welcome.


P xx