Monday, 4 December 2017

rubber and latex...

I'm not a fan of rubber and latex as a sensory feel, unlike leather or silk, it doesn't have the same sensory appeal to me. However I do like the look it gives of someone totally encased in a way that can be very flattering to their body. (Though the models of course tend to all have very attractive bodies in the first place!) To me the restriction and encasement has a direct link with bondage and bdsm.

I came across Reflective Desire via Twitter, I think. There is lots of free stuff but if you find you like it then of course do feel free to support them. (I have no affiliate link.) The free videos on there may provide an interesting introduction.

Are there different textures, fabrics, sensations that turn you on? Heavy leather, delicate silks? Can fabric or clothing turn you on? Even what has become street wear with high heels, tight skirts and dresses, might almost mirror the effect. So what fabric or clothing turns you on? Both to wear and to see.


DM said...

I have an allergy to latex...I avoid it like the plague! I never really gave this serious thought until now, I've always just dressed however my partner desired. After thinking about it, I find being scantily clad in lingere or just stockings and heels with my man dressed from work a huge turn on.I love the feel of a uniform, suit or even jeans on my bare skin.

Pygar said...

I have heard of others with an allergy to latex. It can be a serious problem as most condoms are of course latex. Though it is possible to buy latex-free ones.

Wearing lingerie or just stockings and heels while your man is fully dressed sounds fun and a variant of my discussion a few weeks ago here. Stop it Dani, the thought is making me all...

...oops, sorry about that.

I wonder if particular fabrics turn you on, or is it just the look and that you feel sexy in say lingerie, uniform or suit?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts

P xxxx

DM said...


I learned of my allergy from condoms incidentally. Not fun.

I'm tactile more than visual sexually, I have a pair of kidskin over the knee boots that are divine, neither of my partners cared for them. I'm far to old to pull them off publicly so, sadly, they sit in the closet.

I love the feel of menswear of any kind. It has a tooth to it that women's clothing doesn't. The more layers to remove, the better! I think it plays into the dominance fantasy. I love to wear leather/lace and feel sexiest in it, my current partner hates lace so I save that for my daily wear at work (I sell lingere in a upscale boutique) when he won't be around to touch it. He prefers silk or sheer, retro 70's lingere with garters, so that's what I wear for him.


Pygar said...

"a pair of kidskin over the knee boots"

*Pygar drifts into a fantasy...*

...oops, sorry, back now!

Interesting that you like the idea of wearing men's clothing as well. A whole different fantasy!

I do like silk like your partner. It has such a wonderful feel to it and a texture like no other.

Thanks again Dani.

P xxxx

DM said...


You misunderstood,I like my partner wearing menswear...I'm the naked one ;)

Pygar said...

Oh, of course,

"...I'm the naked one"

- how could I not have guessed!

Silly me.


P xxxx

Fondles said...

i'm late to this party. personally i like the look and feel of lace (which is kinda strange since it isn't the smoothest of fabrics and i AM a little over sensitive to scratchy things on my skin) - but bikss prefers the feel of satin and silk. i'm not a huge fan of the clingy skimming feel of those fabrics myself, but often ladies' "sleepwear" come in a combination of lace / satin or lace/ silk so i suppose it makes both of us happy enough.

I'm also allergic to latex. condoms was also how i found out. not fun. not at all.

Pygar said...

Thanks Fondles

Ye, lace can sometimes be scratchy but that too depends on the fabric. I rather like broderie Anglais which I suppose is a kind of lace and often made out of soft cotton.

You like the look of lace but don't like its feel. You also are not keen on the feel of satin and silk. Do you have a fabric that you do like to feel the touch of on your skin?

P xx