Friday, 11 May 2018

more thoughts on objectification...

I'm just going to add a few more thoughts to my previous post about objectification.

Inès sometimes works as an artists' life model. Most of her work is naked. Her body is just there to be drawn or painted. She is just a still life, an object. Quite literately as it is important to the artists that she maintains that exact position without moving. For some artists it is just a technical challenge to try to represent what they can see with some accuracy and expression.

For the model it is slow torture. Keeping a still pose for hours creates pain - even in a simple sitting pose. The bones start to press through the flesh into the seat. Imagine a standing pose with a twist, or a pose where one part of the body is pressing into another. Imagine doing it for hours. Imagine not being able to move. She is not just an object but also in pain - not recognised by most of the artists.

Then of course there are the final drawings, concentrating on all the interesting bits - the folds of flesh, the jutting bones, sometimes making one look quite grotesque. It can be humiliating.

So - a perfect job for a masochistic exhibitionist who enjoys being objectified and humiliated. Perhaps a perfect job for submissives everywhere. Any takers?


Jz said...

"Perhaps a perfect job for submissives everywhere"

You threw that in just to make sure I was paying attention, didn't you?

Not only are objectification and humiliation not my kinks, they're pretty much my anti-kinks. I simply do not have the proper, what? mindset? personality? coping mechanisms? for that kind of treatment. Whatever the term, the result is the same - I lose all sense of proportion... and the torrent of fury and self-loathing that are unleashed could not be considered "hot" by any reasonable person. (Not just my opinion - SP likes to dabble in that direction himself and even he has said he could never go there with me because he knows what it would do to me.)

I've stayed the silent watcher on this topic because all I have to contribute is a rebuttal and that didn't seem to be what you were after... until you dangled that particular bit of bait and threw the discussion wide open. ;-p

Pygar said...

Thanks Jz.

I think I've mentioned before though...

...I love it when you are roused!


We've discussed humiliation previously. However, I do think for some subs that their pleasure in being 'used' is akin to being objectified. Might you not agree? In fact however much one may feel objectification is an anti-kink, is not being tied immobile and treated in the way a Dom wishes akin to being treated as an object?

*hides behind the sofa*


P xxxx

Jz said...

(don’t think I haven’t noticed that you just love to get my goat… ;-p)

I’m sure that a lot of subs do find pleasure in being objectified - nor am I arguing against anyone who feels that way. (I *hope* I’m not arrogant enough to believe, “that doesn’t work for me, therefore it is a wrong thing” - even if I’m not always clear on conveying that.)

And, yes. I concede that there is a very fine line between being tied up and manipulated, and what I consider to be objectification. (So feel free to come out from behind the sofa. ;-p)

The distinction for me is in maintaining my identity, in being seen for myself, even while being used.
“Jz in the role of Fucktoy” is fine.
“You there… Fucktoy. What’s your name again?” is not.

That may be a negligible distinction to some but it’s all important to me.

Pygar said...

(Well, OK, I do like to tease a little sometimes! ;) )

I do understand your point and recognise its importance to you. Though as you describe yourself, the distinction is very fine. In the end I think it boils down to respect. One might enjoy what might seem on the surface to be objectification - but it is within a context of trust and respect. Real objectification would be an abrogation of that respect.

Isn't this the case though in a lot of what we do? It only works because underneath (or overlaying) all the power play - it is the trust and respect that makes it acceptable and allows it to work?

P xx

neriche said...

Kudos to her! But NEV-AH for me!

Pygar said...

Oh Neriche - go on. Give it a try!


P xx