Sunday, 29 April 2018


I am not particularly a fan of latex and rubber or that particular kink. However I was recently introduced to a website which included some well shot short video clips of women dressed in tight fitting rubber latex mostly with a BDSM theme.

I found the tight figure hugging and figure forming nature of the clothing attractive. What got me thinking though was that with the face masks that were part of it - there was a dehumanising aspect to it which created a strong objectification. That made me wonder whether rather than a fetish for the materials themselves it was that objectification aspect which made it so attractive in a D/s or BDSM context. Though for me BDSM is very personal, that is part of the point and the pleasure of it.

I wonder if others have thoughts about this. Do you have experience of this kind of fetish wear? Do you find it attractive in others? Do you find it erotic? Does this come from the look and feel of it - or is the objecification aspect part of the pleasure?

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