Saturday, 22 September 2018

Can we teach the vanilla world about consent?

I was listening to a programme on BBC radio about "The New Age of Consent". It was called 'Re-writing the Rules' and introduced by Jameela Jamil.

I have saved a couple of clips from the programme. The first shows how something can so easily go wrong. You can listen to it here.

However Bitsy also discusses how the BDSM scene avoids this and does it so much better through taking communication, prior discussion and agreement for granted - and can also make it sexy!

You can listen to what she has to say here.

Whoever thought making lists could be such fun? However if you look at most profiles for instance - they are full of lists of what members like and what they do not like. So perhaps we have something that we can usefully teach the vanilla world.

How sexy is your list?



Princesse said...

I thought we learned the basics before we even started grade school.

-Keep your hands to yourself.
-Ask questions before reaching out or touching.
-Understand that yes means yes, no means no.
-Know that not everyone wants to be your friend.
-Do not be mad because not everyone wants to be your friend.

Once we began dating, we learned:

-Not everyone is attracted to you and that is ok.

Pretty damned simple.

People need to stop thinking that romance novels or porn scripts are the actual scenarios for real-life interactions. Especially in the workplace!!

Jud because one not get the hot girl or guy when in HS doesn't mean they must make up for that moment years later, in adulthood,with everyone think think is hot now.

People need to grow up and stop being childish and silly. Today is a good time, I think.

Pygar said...

What an EXCELLENT comment.

Thank you Princesse.

P xx

Pygar said...

This post stimulated Jz to write an interesting one of her own. You can read it here.


DM said...