Wednesday, 18 September 2019

while I was away...

Sorry not to have posted for a while. It has been SO hectic since I got back from my time in Germany. (More of that soon!)

I found some of my Blogger visitor stats interesting today. Given that it is such a long time since I posted, recent posts are less likely to be neat the top of visited posts. So other posts that have attracted visors will have been via Google (mostly) and other search engines. These are the most popular posts as found in the last week by search engines:

body modification
"good girl"
Internal Enslavement

I wonder if readers find these particular posts interesting - or have any idea why search engines do?


Jz said...

Ever since someone landed on my blog after typing in, "Augustine of Hippo", I have given up trying to figure out the vagaries of web searches.
(At least yours kind of make sense!) ;-)

Pygar said...

I think that may have been St Augustine who wrote, “Lord give me chastity and self control - but not yet.”



P xxxx