Friday, 30 May 2008


A sub has to have confidence in her Master.

She needs to be confident in his abilities, his knowledge, his care, his wisdom, his determination. She needs that confidence to know that she will come to no harm with him - emotionally, psychologically or physically.

A Master needs to have confidence in himself - without that how can his sub give herself completely to him without reservation? How can she be confident in him if he no longer shares that confidence?

Recent events have shaken me a bit. They have certainly shaken my confidence. My confidence in being a good Master.

They say it takes confidence to ride a bike. Otherwise it just doesn't work. Maybe I've just fallen off my bike. I guess I need to climb back on quickly to prove to myself that I can still do it.

To regain my confidence that I can once again be a good Dom.


Anonymous said...

A question: Why does her leaving = you not being a good Dom?

Obviously i do not know your situation, but i feel your pain. i also read your words and believe that you are a good Dom.

[i realize i am choosing to hold this belief, but i cannot image the man who writes so openly is not caring, kind, attentive, firm and fair.]

i feel sorry that you are hurting and yes you need time to grieve this loss. Please be kind to yourself during these painful days.



Pygar said...

Thank you denise.

Very much.


FiachraLili said...

Give it time Dearest Pygar healing doesn't happen quickly..

You are a good Dom that i know, and i know You still have much to give when the time is right.

Love and hugs lili xxx

Pygar said...

Thank you lili. You are very kind.



trinity pup said...

Thinking of you... time does indeed work wonders.

i know that for a fact...

t. x

Anonymous said...

Confidence has nothing to do with being "good" or "bad". People make mistakes, it's called being human. Take this as a learning experience and grow from it. No matter what had happened, You are still a good person.

From what I've read of your blog; you have a lot to offer the world, remember that.


Pygar said...

Thank you trinity-pup and emdie for your thoughts. They are appreciated.