Monday, 12 May 2008


We all make mistakes. Well I know I do anyway.

Some Doms seem to find such admissions difficult. I think they feel it undermines their position of dominance - as if this has to include some kind of invincibility or omnipotence. Such arrogance can be dangerous though I understand that some subs find it enticing.

I've recently come across a post from a Dom admitting to his mistake and what he can learn from it.

I have been following trinity-pup's blog since it started. I think it was Beau who encouraged her to start blogging. She is very happy with her new Dom and has been writing about it. However recently something went wrong. A hard limit was crossed that led to distress.

trinity-pup writes of what happened here.

Her Master, Singleglove, writes his version of it here.

As Singleglove said, "Lesson learned."

I am pleased that trinity-pup is in such good hands.

I'm also pleased that there are other "kind Doms" out there.


FiachraLili said...

Mistakes will be made on both sides especially in a new relationship and for me a "good" Dominant is one who can admit His mistake and learn from it...
no-one is perfect and more Dominants need to accept that they can and do mess up!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My Master takes his responsibilities seriously, as demonstrated in his blog entry 'words are sharper than weapons'. It was such a small thing....but he responded so well to my tailspin.


Anonymous said...

oops I fucked it up again! the title is 'words are weapons, sharper than knives'.

Pygar said...

Thank you Tp.

I have already had the chance to look at your blog and that of your Master. I hope others find the time.

I'm sorry you "fucked it up again"! I am sure your Master will be very understanding.


trinity pup said...

Thank you for your kind words and support Pygar. i have to say i do feel in very safe hands and my submission and happiness continues to deepen along this new journey.


t. x