Wednesday, 8 April 2009

why it went so well

Forgive me for returning to my time with lili - it is hard to dismiss it from my mind. It went so very well and I want to share with you my reflections on some of the factors that helped it go so well.

First of all we trusted each other very much. lili knew she was safe with me and I trusted her to be open and honest with me. It helped make much of what we did possible. lili knew that I would not harm her. It enabled her to let herself go in ways that might otherwise have been impossible.

We were also completely open and honest with each other. We were open about our desires. There was no fear or shame in this for either of us. So we were able to try to fulfil each other's fantasies.

We wanted it to be good for each other so we listened to each other. We watched out for possible signs of distress or potential problems to head them off before they caused difficulties. This helped to further develop our trust.

We tried to start slowly and build up gently ... but we seemed to move at quite a pace and did more than I had expected. However there is still lots more that we want to try - and know now that we can make work, building on our successful time together.

Some may see some of this as topping from the bottom - but to me it was two people with genuine care and affection for each other trying to bring each other's fantasies true. To that end we were very successful.

I hope this is helpful to others.

I am going to be away over the Easter weekend but will write of the new blog on my return.


Anonymous said...

Have a great Easter. You are an inspiration and should be considered a positive example for how all good Dominants!! It can't get any better as it is when there is good communication and trust between participants.

Your loyal friend F!

cutesypah said...

I don't think it's topping from the bottom at all. First, you were in control. Second, it doesn't seem that she was trying to manipulate the situation. Third, communication is absolutely crucial between two individuals in any relationship, but particularly in one where trust and safety are paramount. Fourth, it sounds as though the two of you had a wonderful time. Topping from bottom doesn't usually end up with such a wonderful result.

Daddy and I are always in communication, discussing trust and making sure we're on the same page at all times. As I've noted before, he believes that the Dominant should seduce and entice the submission from his girl. It's the Dominant's job to make the situation so that she loves submitting, and is focused on pleasing him.

It sounds like you two have the perfect recipe for a wonderful relationship. Congrats!

Free Porn said...

You are lucky that you are both loving and honest with each other and obviously very compatible.

Tristan said...

I dunno. Sounds like you did everything right.
Glad you both found joy in a well lived momment