Monday, 7 November 2011

a "bit of fun"

blossom has recent published a post here asking readers to say what kind of 'slut' they are. So far readers have suggested ideas such as "faithful slut", "submisive slut" and "obedient slut".

It got me thinking about applying the same idea to Doms when I recollected I called this blog "a kind Dom". After my first meeting with a sub friend she described me as "a sensual Dom". I rather liked that and have used it since.

So I wonder if other Doms have a characteristic they use to describe themselves or whether subs have a word they would use to describe their Dom.

So I am "a kind Dom" or "a sensual Dom". What about others?


Alice said...

I would call Chess a loving Dom.

Shadow said...

If most of the people I know were to be believed, the descriptor most used regarding me would be 'evil'.

I think I can live with being the evil dom.

Elder said...

I would like to call my self sensible. (Kind, could be applicable but is already taken)
But also Sadistic, I am lucky to have a wonderful maso girl you my know as "Sweet girl" a phrase I have launched by the way.

Pygar said...

Thans Alice - I think you are very lucky to have a loving Dom.

Oh Shadow - an evil Dom indeed! Are you truly evil or is it just the glint in your eye? I wonder what proportion of subs are attracted to an "evil" Dom rather than a "kind" one? I suspect you may win!!!!

Thanks too Elder. I think a sadistic Dom also needs to be a sensible one if his sub is to be safe from harm. I am sure that Sweet girl is fortunate too.

Thanks all.

- P

Pygar said...

I remembered that on my other Beau blog I describe myself as a "hopeful romantic". (It was originally a "hopeless romantic" until a sub friend suggested the change.)

So perhaps I am also a hopeful Dom and a romantic Dom. It may be good to hedge ones bets!

- P

Shadow said...

No, I'm pretty much truly evil. The glint in my eyes when I'm pondering some horrendous (yet fun) activity to do to someone is just the one and only warning that people get before the cruel hand of fate descends upon them.

I think us evil foks do have a slight advantage. There are some things that the good guy types simply won't do after all. And its those things, that tend to have the most draw and attraction. For whatever reason even if its just curiosity. We're the dark side, and that is almost always somewhat appealing, even if its a hidden secret.

Anonymous said...

I would call mine a generous dom.

Anonymous said...

I consider myself a gentleman dom. I believe strongly in respecting one's 'good girl' as an equal who has chosen the sub role, chosen the other half of the power equation.

deer antler velvet said...

i dont know how to call mine. deer antler velvet

glyza said...

deer antler velvet

nbs said...

I'm lucky enough to have a nurturing sadist as my dominant.

Anna said...

Whilst an 'evil' Dom has its appeal (coz deep down so many women want to have an experience like that) I think I most desire a "nurturing" Dom. That sounds perfect.

Pygar said...

Thanks shadow - even if you are truly evil. I wrote something about that some time ago but may return to it as a post I think.

You are lucky trazuredpet if you have a generous Dom - I am sure there are lots of jealous subs!

Nancy you have a nurturing sadist - and I see Anna would like one too, if perhaps he is just a little bit evil!

Thank you all for joining in with this.

P xx

Pygar said...

Sorry anonymous - I missed out your description of yourself as a gentleman Dom - that was very ungentlemanly of me. My apologies!

I also like your description of your sub as an equal.

Thanks again.

Unknown said...

Oh my! There are so many! (most of them taken :( )
Sir himself said sensible and that He certainly is!
Alice said loving Dom and that was one of my first thoughts, but I think Nancy's was spot on! nurturing Sadist yes, that's mt Brutus!

(So He really is a sensible, loving and nurturing Sadist Dom =P)

Pygar said...

"a sensible, loving and nurturing Sadist Dom"

That sounds very balanced Sweet girl. You will have all the other subs jealous of you!

P xx

Unknown said...

Px they should be ;)