Thursday, 17 November 2011


The desires expressed in comments to my previous post by subs - for Doms with at least a degree of wickedness, if not downright evil, reminded me of some posts written several years ago. There I bemoaned the fact that it was the bad guy who always seemed to get the girl.

If you missed them then do look back here, here and here.


David said...

And so, do you think it is still true, that the bad guy always gets the girl? I am sure the spark and fire is a great draw.

Unknown said...

I think that the word 'Evil' is misrepresented too often in connection to BDSM. Like Jz(?) said in your previous post "a wicked mind2 is often desirable but I doubt evil.
Sir is the most gentle, kind and loving man I know, but He is also a wicked Sadist and that is just a luscious combination! Without the first part the second one would never get to come anywhere near me.

Shadow said...

I read all three previous posts that you linked, and I can't help but think of the old Brat Pack movie Pretty In Pink.

In the original script, Jonathan Cryer's character Duckie was supposed to end up with Molly Ringwald becasue of the very same things that you mentioned in your posts. The girl realizing that the other guy wasn't really for her and who really loved and cared for her.

But the studio didn't like that ending so they changed it becasue they felt that ending up with the nice geeky kid would turn people off so to speak.

Sad but true.

Most people don't realize that it's us geeky types that tend to be the better choice.

Anonymous said...

I'm agreeing with Sweet girl..Evil is misrepresented often. Pure evil is not what I want.
I want the wicked sadist that nurtures me with his nurturing side.and gives me doses of pain to nurture HIS sadistic side. The pain is hard to take but certainly it is what I long for and revel in when it arrives.

Pygar said...

Is it still true David? Was it ever? Not always - as T also attested. Often perhaps. it is why I mention my wicked side occasionally!

I think Sweet girl you are fortunate to have found that perfect combination in your Master. Have fun!

Thanks Shadow for the example of the film script. I wonder if it was a number of similar films that produced that desirable male role model. James Dean? Marlon Brando?

But shhhh about any "geekiness". If there is truth in the above you'll frighten them away!!!

Thank you Anonymous. I do hope you find your wicked yet nurturing sadist.

P xx

DanesWood said...

Is now the time to say I'm incredibly attracted to geeks Pygar?
I always have been and always preferred the nice guy to the bad boy.

Pygar said...

Oh Daneswood - be careful. You may spoil your image!

But even the evil Shadow is trying to push in front of me in the geek stakes now!

P xx

DanesWood said...

Ahh everyone knows I'm a fluffy bunny Pygar........honest ;-)

Pygar said...

Mmmmmm ... !


P xx