Tuesday, 28 February 2012


She says she likes my strength; that she needs someone strong to control her; that nobody has been strong enough before.

Where does this strength come from?

She is a strong, controlling, powerful, imaginative and creative woman. How could I possibly be strong enough to subdue her?

It comes from her. I am using her own strength. Is it in judo where a fighter uses the power of their opponent against them? It is a bit like that perhaps but not in the physical sense - instead in a psychological and emotional way.

I have written often that a good submissive needs to be strong. I like strong women. Perhaps I would not be strong enough to control a weak one - at least I know I would not gain the same satisfaction from it.

She is controlling, but she wants to be controlled. She is strong but she wants to be subdued. She is powerful but she wants to be powerless. She is bad and she wants to be good. She is good and she wants to be bad.

I use her own desires. She wants it to work. She wants to be a bad girl. She wants to be my good girl. She has such strong desires. She is eager to please. She is eager for me to use her as a slut and develop that side of her. So I use her strength and her desire. She does not want to submit but she desires in her depths to submit to me.

She thinks of herself as a controlling, domineering bitch. But she is now my controlling, domineering bitch.


She is my submissive woman.


dancingbarez said...

What a powerful post. I need to share this with me my Dom who is still trying to figure out why I want all these things when I have such a strong personality. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This was very helpful to me as we figure this all out. It's great to see you so in tune with her. I love the comment about not being able to control a weak one.

Anonymous said...

bull's eye,

thank you

Anonymous said...

Very well said. I have on more than one occasion described myself as a controlling bitch ( just ask my teenager lol). But outside of my role as mother and business woman I want to be submissive to that man who can handle me.
You are both lucky to each other to balance the scales.

Anonymous said...

There is great satisfaction in being able to facilitate personal growth for a partner, especially when the very ground they wish to cover is a challenge for them and you. I'm happy for you both.

Storm said...

It's an interesting concept that the strength comes from her. I had never quite thought about it like that...I will have to ponder this one...

Vesta said...

Dear Pygar, You sound happy actually and I am happy for you. I don't think I ever would have called myself a "controlling bitch" but I knew I wanted to submit desperately; to feel a complete ease with that. I think, when you are strong, and I was and am definitely strong with a strong sense of self, you need someone who will be very patient and understand what an incredible struggle it is to get to the place you want to go. This is really very poignant for me to read this tonight because after a couple of years (yes, it can take that long, I am afraid to tell you) I feel just today that I made it!! It feels brilliant in every way. So hang in there and try to enjoy the ride. Best wishes. V.