Thursday, 16 February 2012

New blog post ...

I had a really good blog post worked out in my head in bed last night as I was drifting off to sleep. I worked on it in my mind and got the wording carefully right.

Then I nodded off to sleep.

I woke in the night and realised I was losing the preciseness of the wording. I thought it through again until it was right and I knew I would remember it correctly.

This morning?

It has gone.

It was a really good post though. No - really it was. I can remember that. I promise.


Anonymous said...

I've had that happen to me, quite a few times actually. As much as you don't want to open your eyes and interrupt your drifting off to sleep, it's best to at least scribble down the topic on a notepad next to the bed.

Anonymous said...

I saw that on an episode of Mad Men, forgot to write it down lol. I hate it when that happens.

David said...

How fleeting, bedtime brilliance, I know the problem well. No matter how stridently you will yourself to remember, it seems the only thing you remember is that you were supposed to remember something.

dancingbarez said...

Hopefully it will come back to you soon.

blossom said...

might it be something to do with 'old age' Pygar...hahaha..only kidding!!!!

little monkey said...

Perhaps it was just a dream? :)

I've done the same thing.

Ignore it for a while, maybe it will come close enough again for you to capture it.

Jz said...

I find head injuries to be very convenient in situations such as these... ;-)

mouse said...

Often mouse will have these flashes of brilliance, then the baby cries or th phone rings....then...the perfect thought just vanished.

Sure, the basic thought can be recovered but the brilliant way it was expressed is gone with the wind.

Glad mouse isn't alone.


Heather1 said...

Well, we'll always know you wrote it in your head.



sarah thorne said...

UGH! Hate it SO much when that happens!!


Pygar said...

Thanks for your kind empathetic thoughts. If ever I remember the post - I'll let you know!


Storm said...

Lol, I hate it when that happens.

nilla said...

nodding. yes, i've had a perfect story--premise, characters, even names (which is a huge issue for me)..and awoke to discover it was gone...apparently it was only there to pleasure least, that's how i've consoled myself...!