Thursday, 3 April 2014


How important is the community of others who share a love of this way of life to readers I wonder?

Many I believe are in stable relationships that can be very independent. However a feeling of community and belonging can be very important. It can give an affirmation of one's views and lifestyle. It is good to know that others share one's approach to life. It is good not to feel alone.

So how do you get that feeling of community and affirmation? Some may be active in the "scene". There are munches and events galore. Some delight in being part of the scene whereas others avoid it like the plague. Some may perhaps get their feeling of belonging from an online community - of bloggers perhaps or through social networking sites like Fetlife.

So what about you? Is a sense of community important to you? Do you seek it out eagerly in real life or does an online community fulfil that need? Perhaps though you have no need of being part of a community and do not need a feeling of belonging.


Anonymous said...

I find some of "the scene" rather cliquey and don't necessarily want to befriend and hang out with other people just because they share an interest in BDSM. Though I do like to go to events. It's great seeing other people dressed (or undressed) amazingly and watching or even getting involved in the play scenes.

- M

Pygar said...

Yes - I like events too though have only managed to get to a few. Must try some more!

- P

Lizbeth said...

I would very much like to discuss the D/s dynamic with others, but found I didn't really fit in with others in the local scene. The events they hold in public places draw more attention than I would prefer. I do not want my friends or family to know of my relationship and sexual preferences. I rely on friends I have met online when I need a sounding board or support.

Pygar said...

Yes Lizbeth. I believe that there is a need for very discreet meetings where one can meet without suspicion. However where this is not possible the internet is a great place to meet and discuss.

I hope that this blog provides one such forum for interesting discussion, support and debate.

Thanks for your comment.

P xx