Thursday, 8 October 2015

blood and gore

I'm afraid I am not into blood and gore. In fact I have an aversion to it. I turn my eyes away from movie scenes where there is bloody violence. I have a fear of cutting and piercing the skin. I can literally go feint at the sight of blood and once many years ago nearly passed out during a first aid lecture on the circulation of the blood.

I know though that there are many who really get off on  knife play, piercing and severe beatings that break the skin. Inès and I went to a local event last weekend which we enjoyed very much. However there were at least three events of play that we saw that included the spilling of blood. Early on we met a woman wrapped in a towel, coming from the shower area. The towel was stained in blood and she still had blood seeping from wounds on her back. Later we watched a couple involved in some very sensual play but which introduced knife play as it got close to the end. The final part of this was a thin cut drawing blood down the sub's back. Close to the time we planned to leave we were playing ourselves in a room where we could see through an observation window into a corridor with a view through to the next room. There a sub was being beaten severely and her bottom was covered in blood - so much so that I drew the curtain, not to prevent others watching us but so as not to have to see the other scene myself!

Discussing the day together later I did wonder about the amount of blood spillage and how safe this was at a public event. I know other events where cutting and needles are not allowed or sometimes only allowed in a specified area. Many events have 'dungeon Masters' present in all the play rooms who are empowered to stop any play if it is felt too severe or outside the rules for the event. There was no monitoring of the rooms at the event last weekend.

I am interested in the views of others who may frequent events more regularly than me. Was this event typical? Alternatively was it unusual in allowing blood spillage in a fairly uncontrolled way without monitoring from any of the organisers? This event was not billed as an extreme one - in fact there is a similar event at the same venue by invitation only which seems to concentrate on this more extreme play.

Am I right to be cautious or am I just being a wimp?


Anonymous said...

The after party at the BBB event in Birmingham UK has the following rules:
11. No Bodily fluids
This means no blood play, ejaculations, watersports. Knives and needles are not prohibited, however needle players must remain within the designated area. It is not acceptable from a health and safety viewpoint to walk about the club with needles in you or to allow someone under your supervision to do so.

I think once upon a time they used to have Dungeon Monitors in each play room but these are now self policing.

Anonymous said...

I would love to try knife play with my Master. However, I'm not sure if I want my skin cut. The sight of blood - yuck. Though the taste of my blood, yum! Even has a kid I'd pull my molars out in a flash so I could taste the blood.

To have it done in public, not so sterile place. No! I can't do that. It gives me the creeps to see someone else's open wound.

Pygar said...

I'm glad it's not just me who does not like the sight of blood!

Though yes - I can imagine doing knife play but without cutting the skin. Creating the anticipation and anticipation of that being a possibility could be great fun. But actually cutting? No - I couldn't do it!

Thanks for commenting His slut.

P xx

little girl said...

While Heron is very much a horror junkie, he is not a fan of blood and bodily fluids. We enjoy knife play but not to the point of cutting and neither of us have an interest in needles. I don't think you are being a wimp at all. I try to be fairly respectful that everyone has their own kink and theirs may not be the same as mine. However, I do think we would be concerned about blood play in public without there being a fair amount of safety and supervision.

Pygar said...

Thanks little girl. It is reassuring to read your thoughts - and know that others hold a similar position. Like you, I think it is the blood play in an unsupervised way that concerns me on a number of levels.

It would be good though to read comments from those who have a different point of view - but perhaps my blog is too tame for them!

Great to hear from you

P xx

Pygar said...

Thanks also anonymous (and apologies for not responding earlier). I have not managed to get to BBB but have heard good reports of it from friends. The last time I planned to go I had arranged to meet two new sub friends there but then the sudden illness of a close family member prevented me from going. I must try again soon!

- P

DM said...

Blood and gore aside, my thoughts...what about risk of infection or disease? Things can go south quickly especially in a public non sterile environment.

Pygar said...

Exactly DaniS. I thought we had learned how important it was to be careful about such risks in these contexts. It was why I was surprised - and even more surprised that it only seemed me who was surprised!

P xx