Thursday, 29 October 2015

sensual domination

I recognised myself straight away! In this blog post from the website Deviance and Desire. The website looks to be a very well thought-out and useful resource from what I have seen of it so far.

The blog post asked the question, "What is Sensual Domination?" What it described as a sensual Dom very much reflected how I see myself. I have just checked, and yes "A sensual Dom ..." is the text at the start of my Fetlife profile!

It wasn't just that they identified the same concept. it was that what they described certainly chimed with what I think of as sensual domination and perhaps my approach to a certain extent.

The only part that I had slight disagreement with was, "Sensual Domination tends to be much less about physical restraint and more about mental captivation." For me restraint can be such a sensual act in itself and lead to all sorts of sensual possibilities that I do often like to restrain my subs.

So what do readers like? Are you a sensual Dom - or are you more what they describe as a Domly Dom, a Responsive Top or a Service Top? And what do submissives prefer? Do you like the sensuality of domination in this way or do you get off on more physically masochistic submission or perhaps humiliation?

Do tell all!!!


Anonymous said...

i like to be beaten hard by Sir. i get off on the pain and the care he gives me afterwards. But is that too not sensual?

mimi xx

Pygar said...

I suppose it is mimi. It was not the kind of sensual domination that I was thinking of but is not delighting in extreme sensation also sensual? Interesting contribution. Thank you!

P xx

Anonymous said...

extreme sensation = extremely sensual?



mimi xx

Pygar said...

I have just been looking at a group on Fetlife that is about sensual domination. Interestingly I found that many of the subs on there had joined because they were not into pain. So they saw a sensual approach to be very different to yours I think mimi.

I think I am in between. For me the sensual approach balances and contrasts aspects of pain with pleasurable sensations. Pain is a sensation and therefore "sensual" but the sensuality of it is surely more than that and brought out through contrast and degree rather than it all being full-on?

B xx

Misty said...

I think Daddy is mostly a Responsive Dom, but I see quite a bit of sensual in there and even fleeting moments of Domly Dom.

The sensual side of what we do is super important. I can't be sure, because I've never done this with anyone else, but I think when you add in sensuality you reach a whole other level.

beau said...

Thank you for your thoughts Misty. I think we all are what we are - and perhaps labels don't always help in this area as well as in many others. We perhaps all have aspects of "Responsive Dom" or "Domly Dom" or even outright "Bloody Sadist Dom" at times as well as "Sensual Dom".

However I too find the sensual side important. It forms the core of what I do ... I think. (Apart from that nasty sadist in me of course!!!)

Thanks again Misty

P xx