Thursday, 19 May 2016


The last three posts discussed keeping the excitement in BDSM play. It was interesting to read the different comments from readers. It got me wondering though about excitement.

Is excitement something that people crave at all? Does it matter if it is no longer exciting? Perhaps the whole point of bdsm and D/s is just that it becomes incorporated into the fabric of your daily life. It just is.

How is it for you? Do you crave excitement or do you just want bdsm and/or D/s to be a routine part of your life?


Innerdeamons said...

For me it was about the excitment at first, where Vanilla would bore me BDSM would have a completly different effect on me, then soon after i realised that this is what i wanted the excitment would fade and desaire and want would slowly start to consume me, i feel for me personaly that the desaire is more powerful then excitment and that in its own way is exciting.

Ps. Thankyou for seeing my oppinion on the first post as interesring enough to welcome more

Pygar said...

I find that a very stimulating idea Innerdeamons - that desire is more powerful than excitement. Yes...

... the power of desire!

Thank you for contributing more. You are very welcome.

P xx

Lea said...

I think for me it is a little bit about excitement - even after things become more "routine"... if you aren't excited about it, even if just a little bit, what is the point of it all? Even if for you, the excitement is in doing as your Master says... aren't you excited to comply at all? To hear "good girl" even when the act you may be doing itself is boring?

Pygar said...

Thanks Lea.

I think it is great to be able to keep that excitement. I'm pleased it really works for you.

"... if you aren't excited about it, even if just a little bit, what is the point of it all?"

Mmmm - I wonder if others all agree?

P xx