Thursday, 9 June 2016

redefining sluttishness

I wrote some years ago about "on being a slut" here.

I just came across a great article about Helen Mirren's views here.

(To digress, I once met Helen Mirren in a France Telecom office in Provence but that is another story!)

Helen is reported as having praised "'shameless women' who are redefining beauty, citing Pussy Riot and Kim Kardashian as role models who have rejected labels such as slut..."

She goes on to say, "I love shameless women. Shameless and proud!"
"They all raise their middle fingers to this epithet of ‘slut’. They wear what they want to wear, behave as they want to behave.’"

I know there are many as part of their bdsm activity may delight in being a slut with the person who dominates them - whilst appearing perhaps almost demur to the real world. There are perhaps others who delight in their sluttishness whatever the context.

I wonder about my readers. Do some express their slutishness just with the one close to them? Is it only for private or also in public? And what about Doms. Do you like your subs to express their sluttishness in public or do you want it kept just for yourself?

Are you a slut and proud of it? Or - do you have one for your pleasure and to show off?


Mala said...

Hmm. I enjoy being "turned into" someone's personal slut *in private*. In public, sexy but elegant is as far as I go with clothes. My behavior is "contained" at all times in public. WRT to other women around me, I don't really pay any mind to how they dress or behave as long as they are not shoving it in the face of whomever I am with (if they do, claws out, lol). Women who go out and fuck someone else every night because they want to, I don't judge. Women who go out and fuck someone else every night because they have a psychological problem and are desperate for attention, that I find disturbing. But let me stop here before I get too carried away ;-)

Pygar said...

Oooh - better not get "too carried away" Mala! Thanks for commenting.

Interesting that you enjoy being "turned into" someone's slut as if it is they who are responsible for your sluttishness in those circumstances rather than it coming naturally! It is as if you are renouncing all responsibility for your sluttish behaviour despite clearly enjoying it! Do you never feel a desire in private to express your sluttishness from your own initiative or is it something that someone else has to instigate?

Have fun

P xx

Mala said...

Yes, you've got it right... occasionally I have the desire to act out on it myself but I rarely do as that would make me feel like I was the leader and then that in itself would turn me off ;-)

Pygar said...