Thursday, 2 June 2016


On my post about excitement Innerdeamons commented (I paraphrase slightly)

...i realised that this is what i wanted; the excitement would fade and desire and want would slowly start to consume me; i feel for me personally that the desire is more powerful than excitement and that in its own way is exciting.

It got me thinking about desire and bdsm. It also got me thinking about the power of desire and whether it was more consuming than excitement. I think it is difficult to compare the two. As Innerdeamons implied, the power of desire itself can be exciting. Perhaps desire is just a very powerful kind of excitement.

I know too that bdsm causes desire in me as well as giving me excitment. I want Inès. Her submission causes desire. Exerting my power over her causes desire.

So of course - that is exciting!

Does bdsm cause desire in you too?


Mala said...

In this context I have a difficult time differentiating between the two...? Or perhaps I am mistakenly assuming this is "sexual" excitement... is it "giddy" excitement? Some other kind?

Pygar said...

For me "desire" is something different from "excitement". Excitement seems to have that connotation of "giddiness" whereas there is something deeper, more profound and fulfilling in desire.

Though, whatever the words, in the right context submission fills me with desire.

I suppose though we all experience this in different ways and struggle to find the words that best express it.

Just enjoy it Mala!

P xx

Mala said...

I guess for me if I desire something that means I am excited by it (on more than 1 level, most probably).

Sorry... I was trying to understand how 1 of those could fade but the other remain...


Misty said...

Hmmm, well, because submitting is exciting I desire it and because I desire it, it excites me...

I often find myself thinking in circles when I come here. :)

But, to answer your question, of course there's desire, all kinds of it.

Pygar said...

Please don't apologise Mala - it is interesting that you find one fades while the other remains. I am not sure I understand that either. Would you like to describe it further?

P xx

Pygar said...

Thanks Misty

I'm not trying to send you round in circles - but yes, I do like your circular thoughts. Thank you for sharing them. It has got me too thinking that perhaps desire might be exciting and excitement cause desire ... around and around!

P xx

Mala said...

Oh, I was referring to the original "the excitement would fade and desire and want would slowly start to consume me" -- I didn't understand how the excitement could fade but desire increase..

Pygar said...

Of course. Sorry. Sometimes I am so dense.

I think excitement can fade with time and familiarity as was discussed in the previous posts. What I found fascinating and I think true about your comment though was the increase in desire. Perhaps it shows the power of bdsm that such a strong emotion is created, sustained and strengthened over time. And yes, perhaps that is exciting.

Back to circles!

Thank you again Mala

P xx