Thursday, 11 August 2016

another spanking...

Thank you to all who answered the question in my last post a spanking...

I asked the question, "Do you need a spanking?"

There were many very interesting replies. The impression I got from those who said they did indeed need a spanking was that it was because of the way it made them feel submissive and emphasised the dominance of their partner. They might not like the spanking itself but it met some other deep need.

I was taken to task by a correspondent for writing "who claim not to need it - but who do actually like it". It was the use of the word "claim" as if I might disbelieve those who said they do indeed like a spanking that annoyed her! She went on to write, "I was surprised that almost no one else would cop to simply liking a spanking, rather than needing it. I think I can understand the point that spanking is a quick and easy way to feel dominated, but it's not the trigger for me." The implication is that there must be many who want, desire, like and even enjoy a spanking.

So that is this weeks question...

Do you like a spanking?


DM said...

In case I wasn't clear in my comment on the last post, YES! Absolutely I love a spanking. And YES! I do find I need a spanking often. And YES! Depending on the giver and circumstances, they can be divine or torture. In the end the outcome is the same, fulfilling a need want and desire on many levels both physically and mentally.

Pygar said...

I think you have made yourself very, very clear Dani!

Have fun.


Spanks from P xx

Misty said...

Sorry I missed that last post!

I need to be dominated, that's what feeds me. Sometimes I like to be spanked and sometimes I don't, but I always like how I feel afterward. :)

Pygar said...

It is nice to read your comment this week Misty.

It sounds as if you have something in common with those commenters on the previous post who "need" to be spanked because it helps them too feel dominated.

I'm pleased though that sometimes you like it as well!


Jz said...

Why, yes!
Yes, I do.

Pygar said...

You probably need a spanking as well Jz!


I am pleased that you like a spanking do please accept a friendly spank from Pygar.


P xx

little monkey said...

It would depend on the intensity of the spanking. For me there are two kinds. The up to a certain point, yes, I like a spanking. Then there's the over the redline harder and/or longer version that I don't like at all while it's happening. I find myself in the odd position of loving those after the fact. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes !

Pygar said...

Thanks little monkey. Yes, you raise an interesting point. A spanking can be administered in so many different ways. I guess it is quite likely that many may like a spanking delivered in a certain way but not in another. Perhaps I should ask next what kind of spanking is most liked!

Interesting too, though, that the spanking you don't like...
...well actually, you do! Only afterwards!!!

Thanks again.

Wishing you lots of the spanks that you DO like

P xx

Pygar said...

Excellent The Explorer. I hope you are receiving a sufficient amount and having fun!

P xx