Saturday, 17 June 2017


A comedy film came on TV last night just as I was going to bed. It was quite amusing and I found myself watching it all the way through. It was about three couple entering a competition for the most novel wedding. One couple wanted a naturist wedding and spent most of their time in the film completely and explicitly nude though there was no eroticism or sex in the film.

Afterwards I googled the film to find out some more about it and discovered the actors playing the naturist couple had been shocked at quite how explicit the nudity was when shown. They were unhappy about having shown their bodies so totally. Was this some kind of shame in their bodies? Lack of confidence? Or just that they felt they had been misled and exploited?

How do you feel about your body? Are you happy to display it naked? Do you even get off on it?

Inès delights in being nude in public. She does it as her job as an artist's life model. She enjoys exhibitionism. We had hoped to go to a recent event where all the men were in suits and all the women naked but were unable to attend. Though even at that I understand some women kept certain items of lingerie on. We plan to go to a local fetish event soon with Inès naked and me fully dressed.

I have worked with her once as a life model and there were artists there who I know. I felt completely at ease with it.

For some it is a delight rather than a fear. It can be completely asexual in certain circumstances but in others have a strong erotic charge.

Have you been naked in public? Did you get off on it? Would it be a challenge for you? Dare you... ?

Do tell...


Jz said...


"Hell to the No!" is the first thing that springs to mind.
And second... and third...
yep, still hearin' it...

Sorry, have to say no.
I'm more comfortable exposing my mind than my body.

Pygar said...

Well for some it might depend on what parts of the mind that were being exposed!

Why is it though that so many of us feel so uncomfortable about showing ourselves naked in public? One might have thought that many of us might have parts of our mind that might be much more scary to display...

Would you do it if ordered or would that be a hard limit?

P xx

Jz said...

Well, I will grant you that “more comfortable” is relative.
It still doesn’t mean there’s a welcome mat at the entrance to the internal me -- I’m far more of a “Back off, white boy!” kind of woman, in truth.

But I am, at least, at peace with what is inside my mind… and I cannot say the same for my body.

As to your question, that’s a tough one (particularly now, when I’m having to work very hard not to throw out the D/s baby with the whole relationship bathwater) but I still tend to think it would be pretty close to a hard limit.
SP has made mutterings in that direction over the years and the resistance is deep - very, very deep.

Pygar said...

So you are more at peace with the inside of your mind than the exterior of your body Jz. I know you are not alone in this. We all understand the pressures there are on us in how to look and I know this can apply to women far, far more than to men. Somehow history, religion and social norms have inflicted us with thoughts that there is something shameful about our bodies.

However, I know you to be a strong and self-confident woman who can analyse all of that out of the way - yet you are still more fearful of exposing your body than your innermost thoughts.

Is it a matter of our own personal history or is there something stronger that prevents us from exposing ourselves physically? Could there be an evolutionary cause? if so, what can it possibly be????

Thank you very much Jz for being so frank about these issues here.

It is good to be chatting with you again

P xxxx

beladona said...

The quote from Shelly Winters says it all

I think on-stage nudity is disgusting, shameful and damaging to all things American. But if I were 22 with a great body, it would be artistic, tasteful, patriotic, and a progressive religious experience.

At my age and degree of flabby, I doubt I would have the chutzpah to do it because I would be afraid of the reactions

Pygar said...

Thank you beladona.

Yes I do understand. The sad thing is that the quote from Shelly Winters describes the way so many feel about their body. Why does one have to be young and beautiful to show off one's body? You have it I suppose when you say, "I would be afraid of the reactions."

Yes, we would all be afraid of the reactions. Sometimes people can be so cruel. Also there may be an assumption that if one shows off one's body it is because one is trying to claim it is beautiful or sexy or desirable in some way. Can it not just be a naked body? Sadly, in most cases, no. Society has somehow decreed that if one is naked one must be beautiful and in any other case nakedness is shameful.

Modelling nude for artists is an interesting comparison. Photographers tend to want a beautiful model to help them make beautiful images. Painters and drawers though more often want definition of muscles, clarity of bones or interesting flesh. Something for them to draw and represent. The naked body becomes a challenge not an object of desire.

Many have gained confidence through being naked in such life modelling sessions. I wonder if you or Jz might be prepared to be naked in such a setting?

Thank you for your thoughts

P xx

PS Age and flabbyness are no obstacle to life modelling!

Jz said...




Pygar said...

That sounds almost definite then Jz.



PS There is payment involved...

DM said...
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DM said...

Pygar, in the right circumstances, posing, and lighting I'd absolutely be up for the challenge. I consider it a public service to not be publicly nude in general however ;)

Pygar said...

I'm rushing off to sort out the lighting immediately Dani...


I think it may be a public service for us all not to be publicly nude in general! In any case certain clothing can be much more seductive.


P xx