Wednesday, 26 June 2019


Do you like being bruised? Do you celebrate bruises? Do you display them and show them off?

Fetlife, for instance, is full of pictures on members' profiles displaying colourful and in some cases very severe bruising.

Do you like causing bruises? What is the balance between the visual effect you are creating and the pain caused?

What is it about bruising?

In researching for this post I came across this very good piece of writing by Kristen about bruising:
I love getting marked up. I love the little dark fingerprints that fade to yellow on my upper arms, the purple signs of a shoulder bite, the teeth marks on my inner thighs. ... But what I really like are the bruises, bigger and more colorful in the light of day. I like the memory of what we did last night blooming on my skin as I strip for the morning’s shower. I like a big bouquet of them, spread across my shoulders and neck and thighs, proof that someone wanted me so badly they had to grab and bite and sometimes break skin. I like to show them off; ... Bruises take work, to give and get. 

I recommend you read the whole piece which puts the bruising described into proper context. I have slightly misrepresented it here through editing for the purposes of this post. You will find it here.

Is the pleasure in bruises a delightful memory of a special event?

For some though it seems to be the bruising itself. There seems to sometimes be a competitive element. "My bruises are bigger/brighter/more colourful than yours!" Or is it an eagerness to show how much one can take - in a kind of "I am more masochistic than you" kind of way? Or if it is the Dom showing off bruises caused is this a way of showing what a sadist they can be!

It doesn't quite work because people mark differently. Everybody's skin and flesh is different. Newbies can mark very easily whereas those who receive regular spanking may find it harder to get marked.

The whole issue is all discussed much more articulately and personally than I have managed by Kristen in the link above. I fear I may have come over rather dismissively about bruising whereas Kristen writes about it beautifully in a positive way.

So what about you? Are there pictures of your bruised bottom or breasts on your blog or on Fetlife? If so do explain to me the pleasure or satisfaction it gives you.

Do you find it a turn-on or a turn-off to look at?

Do tell me about your attitude to bruising...


NoraJean said...

Hi KD ... The first time my man ever gave me an implement spanking that wasn't part of impact play stimulation (we were late to the spanking for spanking's sake world), it was with a ping ping paddle ... it left two tennis ball size bruisings. He was horrified ... I wasn't bothered at all ... for me there was only the usual post spank butt glow, which I of course like. Personally I don't look for the marks but I certainly don't mind them ... I see them as little reminders of whatever our interaction was about ... pleasure or discipline ... nj

Pygar said...

Thank you for sharing your perspective nj.

Yes, I can understand enjoying the "little reminders" alongside your pleasurable post spanking glow. I think it is the pleasure in online display of seriously beaten bodies that I wonder about more. I hope someone who enjoys such display may comment and explain more about it for us.

In the meantime, enjoy your spankings - and the afterglow.


P xx

willie said...

I fall in the category of 'been doing this so long I no longer bruise" if we are talking outside of the pitcher's box at least'. In fact my friends and I often joke about how much more severe our 'beatings' are now than when we first started out and we have nothing to show for it. LOL.

B likes to mark my body. In punishment situations it isn't the goal, but in play/taking situations it most certainly is. While my backside rarely bruises anymore the rest of me still can. How do I feel about that? Well I earned those marks through some sort of pain ( I am not a masochist btw) so in a way they are my war wounds. Would I photograph them? No because I think that would be a risk to my husband legally to be honest. Currently I am sporting a HUGE bruise on my thigh from a cane mark ( which I deserved at least the cane strike anyway) and it is 35 C here so I am wearing shorts. It is on display but I am a klutz anyway, so when asked how I got it, I just say " no clue". I have to admit this is only the second time I have shown a bruise.

As for looking at them online? I don't care for it- though it is interesting for comparison sake! LOL


Pygar said...

Thank you for sharing your perspective willie.

It is interesting that your bottom no longer bruises. I wonder how many hours of paddling it takes to get to that state! I wonder if the flesh feels different now it has become so resistant to bruising?

You are very brave sporting your cane mark - which can be quite distinctive. I hope you are getting some enjoyment rather than embarrassment at dodging peoples queries!

Enjoy your spankings

P xx

willie said...

It was only distinct for a few it is a huge bruise and a void of colour where the cane actually struck. I didn't have it exposed before it got to an unrecognizable bruise that could be explained away.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the occasional, well-hidden bruise. It's like a little souvenir.

Any luck finding your old erotica? Would love to read it...

Pygar said...

" it is a huge bruise and a void of colour where the cane actually struck."

Well that sounds a very powerful strike - and amazing that such strokes have no effect on your bottom.

I am normally turned off rather than turned on by pictures of bruise covered bottoms. However my inquisitiveness is now wishing you had posted a photograph of such a bruise!

Thank you for sharing willie.

P xx

Pygar said...

I am sure we all like souvenirs of special events anonymous. I am pleased you enjoy your bruises on such occasions.


I had some erotica on my old Beau blog.

There is one set of posts I had long forgotten about called darling and the Mistress. These follow from some earlier darling stories. These links should help you find them.

darling and the Mistress - 1

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darling and the Mistress - 14

There was better writing on the Dragonfly Geisha blog which now sadly is no longer available. I do have copies but they might take some sorting out. If you are interested you could send me an email.

P xx

Pygar said...

Sorry the link to page 14 above does not seem to work. You can find it here:

Lea said...

I enjoy brusing after the fact. Im not usually engaged in activities for the sole purpose of bruising. I like looking at them afterwards as a little reminder though!

Pygar said...

Well no, I guess it would be strange just to engage in the activity with the sole purpose of being marked. Though perhaps there are those who do that.

I'm pleased you enjoy your little reminders though Lea.


Thank you

P xx