Friday, 5 July 2019


When I sorted through my old links a few weeks back it made me wistful. I remembered online and real friendships from many years ago. I came upon old email exchanges that kindled memories.

It gave me a strong feeling of wanting to make contact; to try to reconnect in some way. But why?

D/s relationships have a power and strength that is bound to leave its mark. However some of these were just friendships - though we had lots of fun.

I am not normally one who has too many regrets. It is not that I haven't made mistakes, messed things up, been stupid; after all I'm human too. So yes, there are things I wish I had done differently or not at all and things I wish that I had done or done better. However I try not to concentrate on these things. Instead I try to look forward positively to see what may be the next exciting journey in my life and discover new experiences rather than constantly look backwards.

There were such positives there too that are worthy of recollecting and rediscovering. Even some of my old erotic writing was better than I had imagined! So I kind of enjoyed looking back - if in a wistful way, with some sadness too and thoughts of what might have been and wondering what people are doing now and how they are.

This online world is one where close but distant friendships and relationships can be forged. The D/s element gives even more power and intensity to them.

So are you wistful for old subs or Doms? Do you reflect on the past or are you positive about living for the future?


Jz said...

I don't get wistful for former Doms - having only had the one, after all.
But I do get wistful for online sub friends that have disappeared - and I get a bit wistful for the exciting rush that joining this blogging corner used to give me. (I still enjoy it but the giddy rush is gone - in part because so many of those friends have moved on themselves.)

However, I also get a bit testy when people respond to my expressing this wistfulness with, "Oh no, not me! You can't live in the past so I just don't." ... Well, no - you can't and I don't.
But that doesn't mean I'm a fatuous pea-head for contemplating the past with pleasure, either.
It's possible to do both, I think.

Pygar said...

We've both been online for a long time now. I notice your blog goes back to 2009 and this one a year earlier, though my Beau blog pre-dated this by a couple of years. So I suppose it is to be expected that we have seen other bloggers come and go. Some announce and explain their departure whereas others disappear almost mid-sentence which makes one wonder whether they just got fed up or perhaps instead some disaster struck.

So yes it is natural to be wistful, especially when an online friendship had been created and is clearly not incompatible with a love and excitement of now and what is to come.

Thanks Jz. Don't disappear...


P xxxx