Sunday, 15 June 2008

The geeky "kind Dom" again

Thank you again for all of you who commented on the original post. It was heartening to hear that the geeky guy was so highly regarded - and that perhaps the beautiful girl wasn't the best one for him anyway.

I had a couple of emails about this too that turned it on its head a bit. One correspondent wrote "the boys always look right past the brainy chick in the glasses to the buxom blond in the bikini...".

Another suggested that the geek should look round at the other girls and notice they carried their own books, were self assured with a quiet confidence. The kind who would be charmed by the quiet geek when they got to know each other.

She wrote me a separate beautiful piece of writing about being the brainy chick in glasses - and how much she has to offer. I would like to publish it if I can get her permission.


Anonymous said...

You have my permission.

Pygar said...

Thank you T.