Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The trouble with being a "kind Dom"

Sometimes I feel like I'm in the films - you know the scenario - there's a geeky guy, best friends with the beautiful girl - he carries her books for her and they love each other dearly - then the bad guy turns up on his motorbike dressed in black leather and with a snarl on his lip.

You all know what happens next. She jumps on the back of the bike with barely a backward glance, her skirt up around her thighs and her arms wrapped tightly around the strong body of the biker as he drives of to a deserted car park round the back of the diner where she gives him a blow job. Okay - they never show the last bit!

Meanwhile the geek stands forlorn, looking at his girl disappearing into the distance, wondering what to do with her stupid books.

Well sometimes the kind Dom feels like the geek.


Blush said...

Well, yes, the geek does stand there watching as she takes off on the bad guy's bike. But the girl always comes back to the geek and eventually (once she realizes he's exactly who she wants and needs) they fall in love. The geek of course was in love with her all along and of course that's what motivates him to continue to be her friend (even as she takes off with the bad guy). He would rather have her as his friend than not have her in his life.

I personally admire the geek (or kind Dom) for being who he is rather than pretending to be a chest-beating bad boy. Once you scratch the surface, the bad boy lacks confidence. The geek exudes it.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that the geek is the one that really cares, and that the snarly guy is bad news for the girl. Only the girl can't see this.
A satisfying scenario is one where the geek finds someone worthy of his love, forgets the girl, who realises too late the mistake she's made. Hoorah for the geek! (and the kind Dom)
Tp xx

vixen said...

*Flys in with a random squishy hug x*

I feel like the geeky girl who sits back and watches her gorgeous friend get all the guys lol.

Blush and Tp are right, the geek has depth, the hot guy has nothing without the body and the charm ;)


trinity pup said...

just look at Clark Kent... he was a geek but had a good heart inside and knew right from wrong.. :-) t. x

Pygar said...

Thank you all. I have been surprised that this post created such interest. I have had a few emails too.

I feel better already!!!!

A post to follow up coming soon ...


Christina said...

Ive missed reading your blog Pygar; so Im back having been bit once again by my novice curiosity of being submissive!!!

Pygar said...

Welcome back Christina. I hope curiosity doesn't ..."


P xx