Tuesday, 17 June 2008

A growing confidence

I met with a submissive woman last week for a few hours of salacious fun. She was much more experienced than me. I was worried that when it came to it that the "kind Dom" approach would just not cut it compared with the much more experienced Doms I knew she had met very recently for similar appointments.

We played online a little for a few days first. I think that helped as we were real people when we met and had begun to build a relationship.

Before we started I took her into my arms and gave her a long hug. I explained that she was safe and would come to no harm. I knew if she felt secure, if she could trust me, then we would both have more fun.

Then I became "Sir" and we started ...

It was fun. Great fun. For both of us.

She wrote of it later in her journal and started with this ...

A beautifully sensual day, with a very different style of Domination and care. a Dom who very much valued her submission to Him, albeit for just a short while.

Both have memories stored away, of pleasure, of happiness.

she is still smiling here... and thinks He will be too :)

She then described some of the detail of what happened and finished like this ...

and thanks, from both Dom & sub, for the other, for the Domination & submission. Without either one, there is none.

Thankyou Sir, very much, for Your time, Your thoughtfulness, Your usage of cunt. she very much enjoyed her usage by her "sensual Dom"

So perhaps I have decided that rather than my style being just a "kind Dom" - it is actually a sensual approach and I am the "sensual Dom".

I think that will give me confidence again both online and in real time encounters.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're rebuilding your confidence. You sound like the sort of good dom there's a dearth of,so keep on being you!

vixen said...

Sensual Dom is such a beautiful term, revel in it x

Pygar said...

Thank you pet.

Yes I like the term "sensual Dom" too Vixen. Now I just need to find someone to "revel in it" with!


Anonymous said...


i am glad that you are finding your mojo once again.


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog today, I've gone back and read all of your posts and I love your blog! Just wanted to say that. :)