Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The power of pleasure and pain ...

I struck her quite gently at first with each of the four implements. She said the crop hurt the most. To continue she requested the crop. She asked for it harder. At last she gasped, flinched, her leg moving briefly from position. That happened just once more. A sub who had been trained to take a beating in silence, immobile - a test of her obedience.

Later as she was restrained open-legged before me I pleasured her with my fingers, my tongue, her vibrator. Many Doms would not have considered using their tongues on a sub. She moaned and writhed and eventually came with a cry that could equally have been agony rather than ecstasy.

So which had more power over her body and its reactions? The crop or my fingers and tongue?

I felt a great sense of power - and always do with a woman, in having that control over her pleasure, making her writhe and call out, that can be done better through giving pleasure than through giving pain.


Lev said...


I have recently found your blog. I really enjoy your writing and your thoughts. Thank you for being so honest and forthright. Thank you for asking the questions that you do.

I see a lot of myself in what you write. I have a very similar approach.

A have a sub that I am now bound to. Whe we first started I too questioned whether I was the kind of Dom that she wanted or wanted me to be. Whether what she sought and craved could match what I could and wanted to offer.

I am a firm believer in the sensual side of domination and have found that she now revels in that. She wants it no other way.

So please, don't stop - writing or searching. You are not alone in your beliefs or approach. Just as there are different types of subs out there, there are Doms who approach D/s from different perspectives.

I am fortunate that I have found one who matches what I have always sought. I hope that you do too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, tongue on clit is essential as far as I'm concerned, and thankfully my owner is of the same mind as you. (which is nice 'cause he's rather good at it!)

Tp x

Pygar said...

Thank you Sir for your comments. It is good to have a Dom visiting and supporting my approach.

I think you are lucky to have a sub who appreciates your Domness - and she too is lucky to have such a caring Dom.

To be honest when I started this I was worried I would get flamed for my views so it has been heartening to have had such support.

Thank you.


Pygar said...

Thanks Tp. I have found that most women are partial to a loving tongue on their clit!

Some though need a firmer pressure to come but the tongue is often a very sensual start at least!

You are lucky to have an owner who is so good at it - though it means there is sadly no need for me to offer my services!

Have fun


Morgan said...

I have heard it questioned before - "Should a dom/domme give oral sex to their sub? Isn't sucking cock/pussy a rather subservient act?" Not necessarily, in my opinion. There is a great deal of satisfaction gained from giving pleasure to one's partner, and if you can make them writhe and moan and lose control... now that is power!

Pygar said...

I'm pleased we agree Morgan. The power of the tongue to "make them writhe and moan and lose control... "

*sighs and drifts into a reverie ...*


Morgan said...

*sighs with you*

this is one of the reasons I long to have a girlfriend, or some experience with another woman. I would love to go down on her and be on the receiving end of the moaning for once!

Anonymous said...

~ I felt a great sense of power ~

Is that not what this thing is that we do...exchange of power?

i am new and have little actual experience, but i am learning and it seems to me that if the dominant is taking [or giving in this case] what pleases him then he holds the power.

i wonder if you give to much credence to what you believe a dominant should be or look like.

You sound every bit a dominant man to my ears. i read every word you write eager for more. You are helping to educate me as i figure out what i need in this new world i have entered and i thank you.


Pygar said...

We'll have to see if we can find someone for you to practice on Morgan!!!



Pygar said...

Thank you denise

- yes I agree with what you are saying about power. I think I was trying to emphasise that giving pleasure can feel as powerful as causing pain.

You are right too in commenting on the fact I perhaps try too hard to worry about what a Dom should be rather than just being myself and accepting my Dom nature. I think though part of the purpose of this blog is for me to explore those feelings. Comments such as yours are very supportive in helping me on this journey and in building my confidence. So thank you.

Good luck too on your own journey. I am pleased that this blog has been helpful to you.


Morgan said...

Ah Pygar! I would love that... *sigh* but my boy of course would prefer we had a threesome than I got a girlfriend of my own and that is a more difficult agreement to get!