Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentine Greetings

I would like to wish a happy Valentine's Day to all my readers.

I hope you get to celebrate it in wickedly salacious and erotic ways ...



Anonymous said...

Master's a rugby I guess it depends on the result! ;)

Valentines Day wishes to you too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pygar,
Nothing even remotely wicked or salacious going on here today, but it's a good day nonetheless. Hope yours is good too,


Pygar said...

I do hope the rugby result helped M:e!

No blueeyes - nothing in the remotest salacious for me on Valentine's day either. However like you I had a good day.


trinity pup said...

Happy Valentines to you! :-)

W/we certainly did spend some quality, erotic time... under SG's shower... mmm, very yummy!

t. x

Pygar said...

That wasn't a "golden shower" was it t?

I'm pleased you had fun!