Thursday, 19 March 2009

a beautiful woman

I had undressed her. She was standing naked before me. She looked embarrassed and had her head down. I made her lift her head proudly.

"You are a beautiful woman. What are you?"

"I am a beautiful woman Sir," she replied nervously, unconvinced.

Soon she was looking down again so this was repeated.

Later we were snuggled in bed together naked and happy.

I looked into her bright and sparkling eyes.

"What are you?"

"I am your beautiful woman."

The smile on her face as she spoke was the most beautiful you can imagine. I can see it still.


Vesta said...

And, that is indeed quite enough; to be one man's "beautiful woman". For, as long as she is one man's beautiful woman, she believes she is beautiful, and thus her beauty shines for all to see.

selkie said...

to believe that, in your heart and soul, that the eyes that see you, think you ARE beautiful, that you shine is a gift indeed. something I've never been able to internalize ...

Moi said...

This made me very happy. In fact most what you write here makes me very happy.

Thank you for being you. Your beautiful woman is blessed to have you!

Anonymous said...

*smiling* I know this moment. I have done it myself.

cutesypah said...

ahhh....the love of a kind Dom. to hear his words of support, acceptance, adoration, love, and ownership is music to a submissive's ears.

thank you for this post. may you and your submissive be forever happy together!

Anonymous said...

sweet. very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Lovely. :)


Tristan said...

Nicely said. Your words touched a chord in me somewhere. I remembered meeting the pet for the first time, how nervous she looked, and how beautiful she looked finally in front of me, kneeling, naked, offering that beauty to me.

Anonymous said...

I loved this post but neglected to comment on it the other day when I saw it.

Master calls me beautiful all the time and I know that it is true. He loves my curves and my softness and although I have permission to lose some weight, he never wants me to be too thin (read this as: under about 180 max)

Sometimes I worry about the extra weight that I carry but I have never felt "ugly". It worries me how so many women do not see their own beauty - because we all have it in our own way.

Your posts speak to me as always. Your pet is a lucky woman.