Tuesday, 3 March 2009

needs and desires

In conversations with sub friends, the experience of having had their submissive needs awakened has been mentioned several times. I have often wondered in what sense these are needs - or whether they are just strong desires. However I am not a sub so cannot speak from first-hand experience.

In comments to my previous post released there was agreement from a few commenters that to put submission "back in the box" once it had been awakened might be impossible. I was interested in this in relation to the points I have just made so I suggested that a sub blogger might like to follow it up.

Well - little did I realise what that would stimulate. Selkie has followed it up with a thorough, thoughtful, well argued and thought provoking series of posts. There are four in total. The final one is here and has links to the previous three. Do pop over and have a read. I am interested in others responses from their own personal perspectives.

Thank you Selkie.


selkie said...

thank you Pygar for your kind words! But even more so, for the thoughtful and stimulating topics you come up with! certaintly, it is not a simplistic question nor can it be answered easily! (as my wordiness shows LOL)

Kristy H said...

thanks to first Pygar for the interesting topic and to selkie for such an insightful reply.

as selkie notes, these are not simplistic questions, but stimulating topics which require deep thought and inspire thoughtful replies.

Unknown said...

Pygar, thank you for referring to selkie's page. Some of those posts were very helpful for me in bringing up my submission with my very vanilla hubby. I left a long reply at selkie's which you *may* like to read and comment to.


Pygar said...

Thank you Selkie for your very thorough and thoughtful follow up to my words. I am sure many have learned from what you have written.

Thank you too cutesy pah and Dinora. I have indeed read your comment Dinora but sadly have little further in the way of advice. I hope you and others find a way though this difficult area that causes least hurt and greatest happiness.