Tuesday, 17 March 2009


For lili ...

I placed a cushion by my feet and asked her to kneel for me.

She had knelt for me many times before. However I had never been there when she had done so. My instructions to her had been through emails.

Now she was kneeling in front of me for the very first time.

At my instruction she had fetched something that she used to wear as a symbol of her submission to me. I attached it to her. She was mine again.

I took her hand. I held it firmly in one hand and stroked it gently with the other.

I felt happy and at peace with her there before me. I felt a sense of power and a gentle warm glow.

I had imagined this scene for so long. It was different from in my imagination - but so wonderful for its reality.

I desired her so much.

I talked of complications and issues for us both. She understood all that as well as I.

I stroked her hand.

I wanted her.

I hoped she wanted me too.

At last.


Before me.

Such a precious gift.

Thank you.
- P xx


cutesypah said...

how wonderful! what a lucky girl to have such a kind Dominant!

I see so much of Daddy in your writings. Like you, Daddy is a kind, loving Dominant who utilizes his Dominant nature to continually seduce me so as to bring forth my submission.

obviously, I can't speak for lili or you, but I can assure everyone else, a kind Dominant is the best kind of Dominant, in my humble opinion.

to kneel before a man who adores you as much as you adore him is a feeling unlike any I've experienced. and I wouldn't trade a kind Dominant for anything in this world.

so, do we get a glimpse of her response? come on, Pygar! You've peaked my curiosity! Well done as always!!

Daddy's cutesypah

Pygar said...

Thank you cutesy pah.

And as you have asked so nicely ...

... I may publish some more in a few days.


selkie said...

What terrific news!! I am so happy for you both; may the journey ahead be a wonderful one (which I don't doubt for ONE second) for BOTH of you! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely post...

Anonymous said...


good things come to those who wait and seems you have been very patient.

be well


Anonymous said...

a very touching post for what looks like a very well deserving sub.