Monday, 10 January 2011

"good girl"

Why are these two words so powerful?

I have used them twice recently with online friends - but not in a serious way. I am not the Dom of either of them. Indeed one has a Dom of her own. I intended no disrespect to him.

With each of them it was kind of an in-joke. It recognised their alignment as sub and mine as a Dom. It was intended as a kind and light hearted remark in the context of a friendly conversation. I was concerned each time in case I had overstepped the mark. It can be a very special comment between a Dom and their sub.

On each occasion the sub took it in the way intended - but also commented on the pleasure they had gained from me using those two words.

What is it about those two words that makes them so powerful?

So to all subs reading - thank you for visiting the blog. You are a "good girl". (Or "good boy"!)


Anonymous said...

Hearing the words "good girl" make me want to please even more. Think about the fact that as we were growing up we probably heard "what a good girl (boy) you are", many times. Now as adults it brings out unconscious good memories.

Storm said...

I think it's because those words are very complimentary and let you know that you have pleased; yet, by their very nature, they remind you of your place.

Anonymous said...

I think for me its the simple fact that I have done a good job, I've pleased my Master and He has acknowledged it. Its the acknowledgment that counts the most :)

Alice said...

For me, when my husband says them (or perhaps any Dom, I don't know), they mean not only that he's pleased with me or something I did, but also that he noticed and thought what I'd done deserved comment.

As a housewife I can cook and clean and care for our baby all day whithout any spoken praise or thanks (although I know it is appreciated), so when I hear those words, "good girl", I just beam with happiness knowing that he noticed and was pleased.

That is why they are so powerful with me.

Anonymous said...

For me, when I hear "good girl", my heart jumps a bit. The inner child that wants to please just perks up and starts to beam. I never want to grow up if I have to leave that inner child out of who I truly am.

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

New and curious, those words do elicit a lovely tingle in my chest and warmth in my cheeks.

Perhaps said in a snarl they might not be so complementary, but then again, perhaps not.

I've just discovered your blog and will certainly be coming back for more. Thank you.

Unknown said...

*grins @ Pygar*

I think I actually agree with all of the above!



Unknown said...

Oh and I'd like to add: Those 2 words are very special indeed between a (this) submissive and a (my) Dom, very special indeed -well for me! And therefore Him acknowledging my delight to hear those words by using them, shows to me both affection, attentiveness and acknowledgement =) And I can owned up -I was one of the 2 =)

Unknown said...

Hihi back again! Just saw you've linked me Pygar -thank you! That was very sweet of you :)

nbs said...

Those two words make me feel so and safe and happy and loved.

I'm not sure why.. childhood associations perhaps?
I'd agree with lil that they do very much remind me of my place.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love to hear those words! As a sub, it makes me feel extremely submissive and pleasing.

Valley Girl

Anonymous said...

And now from a Dom's perspective, I love to say those words to my lizard, at least when she deserves them. I know she is enthralled when she hears me too, though she is very very shy about expressing herself. When she lets me push the last two inches of my cock into her mouth and down her throat, or when she lets me shove a finger up her lubed ass, I always tell her "good girl." It is good for both of us, ladies, so don't think your Dom says it just for your pleasure!

Unknown said...

NeoDomTom: That's nice to hear! It always means more when the person saying the words find pleasure in it too -makes it ring true, otherwise it would just be platitudes,that would lose it's significance wouldn't you say?
So good to hear you get just as much pleasure out of it =)

a hidden slave said...

"Good girl"...hmmmmm warm mushy feelings, feeling of happiness for pleasing someone, feelings of contentment and peace, feeling of knowing my place...that's why its so nice:) HS

blossom said...

Love hearing these words, they say so much emotionally to a sub, and give them such a warm, fuzzy feeling deep inside, well they do with


One Little Girl said...

I agree with everything that most people have already stated. I strive so hard to please, and when my Dom says those words to me, I know he means them and I deserve them. I am fairly new to all of this, but I am loving the discovery and knowing he approves, makes me want to work even harder.

Pygar said...

Thank you all for your very special descriptions of what "good girl" means to each of you.

P xx

Anonymous said...

I love to hear those words from my Lady. It's an acknowledgement of my accomplishment and my role all at once.

Terry said...

Matthew 24, John 316,317...

Pygar said...

Dear Terry

Matthew 24, 31
"And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call"
I am sure Pygar was among them!


John 3, 17
"For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world;"

Thank you for your kind support!

Pygar xx