Thursday, 20 January 2011


Thank you Marc_oo - or perhaps I should say "merci".

Mark_oo is the 100th follower of this blog. Thank you also to the 99 others. Please forgive me if I don't mention you all by name!

Some time ago David told me here that I also had 100 readers on Google Reader.

So thank you to those readers too.

All I need to do now is to think of something worth writing for all of you!

No pressure there then ...

PS - Anyone care to accept 100 spanks to celebrate? No? Oh well - it was worth a try! :)


RNsquarepants said...

Congrats on 100!!!!

Unknown said...

Congrats Px! *Hugs*

Ehum....a 100 spanks? *Subtly raises hand*

blossom said...

Congrats Sir xx

HHHmmmm depends on what will be making the 100 maybe!!!!!


Anonymous said...

And I AM the happiest one to be the 101 one...
habing a so deep thought about 101 whom IMHO was, and hope stand still, the shiniest and luminous resident of INSEX experience... It was long time ago... PD said with a bizarre emotion in his voice that he was certainly in love with her (see GSH)... For sure he made mistake not showing it and keep her as she is... Life and world is strange... isn't it ?
Sorry My blog is in french and My site too... French people need it like this... You know this little country with romantic langage and tiny awful president...
I enjoy the way you talk about all what we need to be said... thanks

Anonymous said...

Sure, I'll take a hundred spanks to celebrate, or even a hundred spankings. Good for you. Keep up the good blogging.

Pygar said...

Thank you Searching for myself, NewToThisLife07, blossom, and Maryann Lovejoy for your kind congratulations.

I may though be keeping a low profile as a sub friend suggested just oh so gently that I might be accused of bragging! I thought of it more as congratulations and thanks to my readers. So thank you all.

What might be making the spanks blossom? I haven't decided yet! Hand? Maybe - but 100 spanks is an awful lot and you surely wouldn't want my hand to get sore would you?

I've noticed your hand raised oh so subtly NewToThisLife07.


Thank you.

I wonder though if you would have raised it so confidently if you were close enough for me to reach you!

And Maryanne Lovejoy. Thank you so much - not just the offer of 100 spanks but 100 spankings!!!!!

Though I notice you live even further away!


But who knows when I may travel.

P xx

Pygar said...

Merci beaucoup aussi

Forgive my poor French and for lapsing back into English.

101 is also good.

I recognise your reference to 101 and insex - and also to GSH.

I feel though that the documentary film Graphic Sexual Horror (2009) suggested strongly that not all of the activities displayed on the insex site were truly consensual.

There were issues about safewords and the amount of money paid - and subject to withdrawal if an actress didn't comply - that made me feel very uneasy. Though perhaps that is a topic for another post.

I would be interested in your views on this.

The documentary we refer to can be seen here.

- P

Pygar said...

Thanks also to the "precious" 102!


Marc_oo said...

Merci to you!! And congratulations.
It's great reading your blog!

Pygar said...

Thanks Marc_oo - I appreciate it.

- P