Tuesday, 3 April 2018

marks of submission...

As a submissive do you enjoy something to mark your submission? As a dominant to you enjoy your sub being marked in a way that shows her submission? These signs can be important to some.

Sometimes it may be just pleasure in the marks left from a scene - rope marks perhaps or the weal left by a stroke of the cane.

Perhaps you have something more permanent, a collar or other special thing you wear constantly. For some they may be just worn when alone to help move into that mind-space.

Might it be something more permanent? A tattoo perhaps?

Who has been marked? Does it give you pleasure?


Lea said...

I do wear a collar and I enjoy that most of the time. It helps me get into the right headspace when I get home. I currently do not have anything for when I leave the house.

Though I don't know if I'd be into a permanent body modification, I enjoy the redness left over from a beating, the scratch marks, the bruises that I feel for a few days after. I love seeing the rope marks imprinted on my skin.

DM said...

I have a few things I can wear out in public, or privately. They vary depending on occasion, activity, and outfit. All coordinate with each other. All are sentimental, hand crafted, and as unique as our relationship. My official collar is chainmail, it's beautiful with a inner link of ruby chain, I absolutely love it for its symbolism and craftsmanship. In my past marriage, the X tried to collar me, I would break out in hives. Spoke volumes on our relationship.This time around there's no trauma/abuse association and the wearing is a silent sign of our special bond.

Pygar said...

Thank you Lea and Dani for sharing your personal experience of this.

P xx

Fondles said...

I used to wear a necklace/choker thing but because of the frequent skin tags I now don't wear any jewellery around my neck. The only accessory I wear ALL the time are rings so perhaps we shall think about getting one that carries special meaning and head towards that direction.

Pygar said...


Thank you Fondles.

P xx

EsMay said...

I don't have any outward signs, though I have been wondering about that lately, and if that's us, and how we'd do it. But I love the inward signs. Being plugged, wearing balls, welt from the quiet implements, having bruises from the loopy, especially because I don't bruise anywhere else. Those signs, I love, especially when I'm tender and I am reminded every time I move or sit down that he has shown me recently how much I am owned and loved. :)

Pygar said...

Thank you EsMay.

I like your idea of "inward signs".


P xx

julie said...

I have my collar, which is a constant reminder. But also, piercings - nipples and clitoral hood which are our own secret symbols of his ownership. We are thinking now of a tattoo, something we will do when ready.

Pygar said...

Thanks for sharing julie.


P xx

Pain Healer said...

The marks left on a sub's body are very important in my mind. I like her to be proud to have them, and keen to display them for me.

Pygar said...

Thank you for your thoughts Pain Healer.

It is good to have some more input from Doms on the blog.

- P